Surge protection

December 24, 2013 by admin

What exactly is a  surge protector?

A surge protector (or surge suppressor) is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

Why it is so important to have  surge protection?

When voltage spikes and your devices are unprotected, it is quite possible that this surge will cause damage, e.g. your electrical appliances like TVs, computer, router will need replacement.

Therefore, as a method of  prevention, surge protectors should be installed.

This can be done quite expensively per device  or as a more economical option directly into the switchboard. The advantage of this is that all your appliances will be protected and no further costs are involved.

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