High electricity bill ? It might be your ducting!

March 17, 2014 by admin

I’ve read a few posts on facebook from people complaining about their recent electricity bill, and you would be amazed at how many roof spaces I’ve been in where the ducting was not properly connected to the vent.

For example, a couple of weeks ago I was working on a job in Rockingham that required me to climb into the roof of a standard 4×2 home with ducted air conditioning.

Whilst running cables required for some electrical work, I noticed that one of the duct work was not properly connected to a vent, leaving a large gap and therefore most of the cool air was actually blowing into the roof instead of the house!! The roof space was certainly nice and cool J

This is a major case of wasting electricity, I can’t even imagine how much this fault had added onto the poor owners electricity bill!

After pulling this ducting back into place, I notified the owner and advised him to get this fixed as soon as possible.

So the next time you are receiving a high electricity bill, the reason  might be quite simple and you won’t need to call an electrician straight away –

Stick your head up in the roof and check that your ducting is connected properly.

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